March 26th


March 26th


Using behavioral science principles, we teach you how to create lasting, productive habits. Together we completely revamp the way you think about what you eat, how you live and what you crave. Using mindfulness practices, you learn how to effectively manage your eating habits and reduce stress. Spots are reserved for a few committed, high-performing women at a time.

workplace wellness

Develop your team's healthy habits, incorporate mindfulness to make your team more efficient and integrate activity into the workday. Developed by an MBA with over 9 years of wellness education experience, our programming is customized to your specific needs, hands-on and interactive. With the help of behavioral science, we can create a workplace where your employees are fueled to be their healthiest, leaving room for them to be as effective as possible.
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commit to yourself

Change the way you approach eating, exercise and productivity.

Completely revamp your life or address specific goals and permanently remove roadblocks.
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Re:Fresh album

guided meditations now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal + more.



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