Under the alias Brocollete, Iman Gibson is a health educator, wellness evangelist and meditation teacher with over 10 years of experience inspiring and enabling people to be mindful, reclaim their minds, bodies, and spirits and to eat whats right for them. Iman designs immersive experiences, often utilizing art, that engage the senses to promote self and community care. She daylights as a Director of Wellbeing at a Fortune 100 company. Re:Fresh, her album of meditations, guided over music, is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal (for the BeyHive) and all major platforms. Her project with yoga teacher Tori Lund, Antiracism Meditation was featured in Mindful Magazine, Yoga Journal, Insight Timer and Well and Good.


Brocollete is a movement to galvanize people to take control of their health and wellness.  To inspire self-love, self-care and a vehement commitment to holistic development. Our mission is to make clean living the sexy, fun, cool thing to embody. This is not your typical wellness brand. We are not granola or touchy feely. We are practical, creatively-driven, rooted in facts and willing to push boundaries to get our point across.


We create immersive experiences, host parties, do corporate workshops and offer meditations. As a creatively focused organization, we use art and photography to glamorize wellness and clean living. Our work is not limited to events and corporate workshops but it happens primarily there for now. Any opportunity to creatively engage an audience around fun + wellness, we'll be there.


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Because without our
spiritual health...
what else do we have?