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time, health, productivity?

Are you ready
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[verb ree-boot]
1. To re:load one's operating system; boot again.
2. to produce a distinctly new version of one's mind, body spirit
3. to make a change in order to establish a new beginning
who, what, when, where, why
who: you + a small group of other driven women committed to personal transformation
what: 6 week program where you will learn how to:
when: March 23rd - April 30th 2020

why: because you owe it to yourself to become your healthiest, happiest and most productive
learn how to...
healthy habits:
my creds
I know what it's like to feel overcome with stress. Like the constant stream of work and obligations is never ending. Not to mention the toll of technology overuse and the social media #fomo. I also know what its like to employ tools to manage all of this effectively and to transitive from maintaining to truly thriving. In addition to having firsthand experience, my background makes me uniquely equipped to guide you along this journey and help you truly Re:Boot.
*even if you are your own employer
Re:Boot will be offered to a small group of driven women,
serious about growth. If this sounds like you, let's chat.
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